Wednesday, July 14, 2010


So on Saturday, June 26th I was chatting on the phone with my sister amie. She was asking me what I was doing for the weekend and what my plans were for the fourth of july. I told her about my weekend and how excited I was because I had 10 days off of work because my family was going on a vacation. She randomly asked why I wasn't coming home for a little visit and to be with the family for the fourth of July. I didn't have a good answer but blew it off anyway I figured there was no way I was going to go home for a weekend because I am going to be there so soon anyways. Amie spread the news of my time off through out the family and soon I was getting calls from all my family members asking me why I wasn't coming home (at one point I was so frustrated I started hanging up on people). Anyways, the weekend came and went and on monday night I decided randomly to buy a plane ticket and tell no one I was coming (besides mikah because he was my ride home from the airport)!
I was soooo excited and started counting down the days. Before I knew it friday (july 2) was here and I was on my 4 hour flight home (less than one week after my phone call with amie). I had a layover in PHX and decided to call my mom to make sure there was no way she thought I was coming home. I called her and told her I was in the city and needed to be reminded of the things she need me to pick up for her (yes, she does this to me frequently, she usually always has a shopping list for me even though I live 2,000 miles away from her). She was completely convinved I was shopping for her in the city and made sure I knew exactly what she needed.
I finally made it to my house on Friday night around 6pm. I walked in the back door and right up to my mom who's back was turned towards me! There was alot of screaming, hugs, kisses, and a few tears. Later that night I was able to suprise max & marnie who were in town as well. I wanted to be creative but got way to excited when their car pull up and just had to run out to the car! It was so great to finally meet little skyler (what a cutie)! I had soo much fun with him all weekend!
On saturday I suprised amie, brennen, and aiden! I finally got to meet sweet emma!
The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out with the family, playing with em and sky, boating on the dam, watching intense soccer games in the backyard, late night dinners with the boys, playing with my kitty lucy (who remembered me!!!) and catching up with my bff, kim.
It was kinda hard to leave after having so much fun, but I knew I would be home very soon (5 weeks actually)! I am getting very excited to get home now after I had I little reminder of what my life in utah in like, haha. I think it will make it a little easier to leave.
It was sooo good to see everybody. I don't think you realize how much you miss someone until you actually see them. I especially loved meeting Emma and Skyler, I am so in love those two.
Here some picutes of me and the babies...

Can't wait for labor day when I will finally be able to meet little nico (baby #3) and see baby skyler again!

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